Alhena Apparel was born through inspiration of a story and, although everyone’s story is different, we want to want to provide clothing that helps you tell your story. All of our shirts have some a story behind them, and we put a little bit of ourselves in each design. We hope the the shirt you buy stays at the top of your shirt drawer!


All of our shirts are printed on high quality, incredibly soft shirts. We also have our shirts Garment Printed by a local printing company. The Garment Printing process means that the designs are incredibly durable, are very light weight, and will hold up in the wash. Printing locally allows us to be involved through the entire printing process ensuring quality and care are taken in delivering our products.


Alhena Apparel is committed to doing the right thing and being transparent. 10% of our proceeds go to fight human trafficking in our local area, we also make sure that we know where our shirts are coming from and are made with integrity, and we are partnering with local non-profit organizations to bring great products.


brandonBrandon Kingry
Founder | Designer

For me Alhena Apparel is a way of expressing myself as well as encouraging others to do the same. I started this company simply as a creative outlet and it quickly grew into something so much bigger than I could have imagined. Even though Alhena Apparel is growing quickly and now there’s deadlines and operating work to be done I still make sure to take the time to put the care and thought into every one of our shirt designs. Nothing goes to print until it’s perfect.

Brian Harrison
Founder | CEO